I contacted Andreas because I knew he was proficient and knew exactly what knife makers and craftsmen need. My requirements were pretty straightforward; I needed an intuitive, effective, minimal website to serve my purposes. I was in touch with Andreas to detail out those requirements further and discuss about further options when I wanted to expand later down the road.

The virtue with working with Andreas is that he is extremely easy to get in touch with, very supportive, and communicates clearly so that we’re on the same page. The final design was pretty much spot on to what I wanted; it was straight-forward to learn and use and it translates well to mobile use as well. If I have any questions or concerns, he’s right there to ask and everything gets sorted out. If I want to look into additional functionality, it’s done in a very timely manner.
He works with all levels of skill and understanding. I would recommend his services any time.
D.  Nguyen