I first became aware of Andreas through listening to the Full Blast podcast, where he is a sponsor. I was interested immediately in working with him because he was also a maker. I went to his website and fill out a contact form, which was super easy. Andreas e-mailed me the next day to set up a call. We talked on the phone for close to an hour for an initial meeting. On that call,  we talked about what exactly I was looking for in a website, and what my goals were in creating a website. He let me know that he would be able to start as early as next week if I got him the information he needed.

Andreas had an incredibly fast turnaround time. I got him some copies and images before the end of the week, and he got them on his schedule the next week. By the end of the following week, it was ready for review.
We communicated via e-mail and text and he was very polite, professional, and accommodating of my schedule throughout the whole process.
Andreas built out a shop, custom order form, and several detailed pages outlining my work. The layout of the website was incredibly easy to navigate, well-thought-out, and well put together. My fiancee’ actually teared up the first time she saw it because she thought it was so wonderful.
At the final meeting, Andreas went through all of the back-ends of the website. He did a great job of handing off the website with clear instructions on how to operate, update, and maintain it, as well as accept payments. He also tested the contact page to make sure it worked and went directly to me.
I would definitely recommend Andreas to any other maker that is looking for a new website or a revamp. I feel like he really took the time to talk with me and to understand what my goals were. He had excellent communication throughout the process. He really did set up a website that I’m incredibly happy with, and I feel like it highlights the best parts of my work.
– D J. Reynolds
Artist Blacksmith